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Revealing a wide array of personal history details a genetic test can open the secrets of your deep ancestry. You will be flabbergasted at what a simple cheek swab can show you about deep past. With a mail-away personal genetic kit delivered right to your door, profound insight into your personal genetic code can be […]

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Haven’t we all wondered who might be a surprise in our past and where we come from? While we think we know, the answers may surprise us. With a personal genetic ancestry profile, you can learn all about your recent and distant past. Learn what parts of the world your ancestors came from and when. […]

Personal Genetic Testing for Washington

FDA approved genome testing free shipping

By far the most advanced personal genetic analysis available shipped (free) directly to your home in the state of Washington. A Personal DNA analysis can reveal deep familial insights and reveal many secrets of your heritage.

Learn about the secrets hidden in your genetic code

Washington Genetic testing can help answer some of the tricky questions about your past. Whether you wanted to know if your Washington family has a connection to history or you're curious about your racial heritage. Perhaps you've had a suspicion that your ancestors may have been black or that your great ... great grandparents may have had involvement with some surprising people.

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North Kingstown 02852 RI Washington CountyEdmonds 98020 WA Snohomish CountyPort Orchard 98367 WA Kitsap County
Wakefield 02879 RI Washington CountyBothell 98021 WA Snohomish CountyPort Townsend 98368 WA Jefferson County
Narragansett 02882 RI Washington CountyEnumclaw 98022 WA King CountyPoulsbo 98370 WA Kitsap County
Westerly 02891 RI Washington CountyFederal Way 98023 WA King CountyPuyallup 98371 WA Pierce County
Montpelier 05602 VT Washington CountyEdmonds 98026 WA Snohomish CountyPuyallup 98372 WA Pierce County
Barre 05641 VT Washington CountyIssaquah 98027 WA King CountyPuyallup 98373 WA Pierce County
Washington 07882 NJ Warren CountyKenmore 98028 WA King CountyPuyallup 98374 WA Pierce County
Port Washington 11050 NY Nassau CountyIssaquah 98029 WA King CountyPuyallup 98375 WA Pierce County
Charleroi 15022 PA Washington CountyKent 98030 WA King CountySequim 98382 WA Clallam County
Mc Donald 15057 PA Washington CountyKent 98031 WA King CountySpanaway 98387 WA Pierce County
Monongahela 15063 PA Washington CountyKent 98032 WA King CountySumner 98390 WA Pierce County
Washington 15301 PA Washington CountyKirkland 98033 WA King CountyBonney Lake 98391 WA Pierce County
Canonsburg 15317 PA Washington CountyKirkland 98034 WA King CountyTacoma 98404 WA Pierce County
Washington 20001 DC District of ColumbiaLynnwood 98036 WA Snohomish CountyTacoma 98405 WA Pierce County
Washington 20002 DC District of ColumbiaLynnwood 98037 WA Snohomish CountyTacoma 98406 WA Pierce County
Washington 20003 DC District of ColumbiaMaple Valley 98038 WA King CountyTacoma 98407 WA Pierce County
Washington 20005 DC District of ColumbiaMercer Island 98040 WA King CountyTacoma 98408 WA Pierce County
Washington 20007 DC District of ColumbiaKent 98042 WA King CountyTacoma 98418 WA Pierce County
Washington 20008 DC District of ColumbiaMountlake Terrace 98043 WA Snohomish CountyTacoma 98422 WA Pierce County
Washington 20009 DC District of ColumbiaNorth Bend 98045 WA King CountyTacoma 98444 WA Pierce County
Washington 20010 DC District of ColumbiaRedmond 98052 WA King CountyTacoma 98445 WA Pierce County
Washington 20011 DC District of ColumbiaRedmond 98053 WA King CountyTacoma 98466 WA Pierce County
Washington 20012 DC District of ColumbiaRenton 98055 WA King CountyUniversity Place 98467 WA Pierce County
Washington 20015 DC District of ColumbiaRenton 98056 WA King CountyLakewood 98498 WA Pierce County
Washington 20016 DC District of ColumbiaRenton 98057 WA King CountyLakewood 98499 WA Pierce County
Washington 20017 DC District of ColumbiaRenton 98058 WA King CountyOlympia 98501 WA Thurston County
Washington 20018 DC District of ColumbiaRenton 98059 WA King CountyOlympia 98502 WA Thurston County
Washington 20019 DC District of ColumbiaVashon 98070 WA King CountyLacey 98503 WA Thurston County
Washington 20020 DC District of ColumbiaWoodinville 98072 WA King CountyOlympia 98506 WA Thurston County
Washington 20024 DC District of ColumbiaSammamish 98074 WA King CountyOlympia 98512 WA Thurston County
Washington 20032 DC District of ColumbiaSammamish 98075 WA King CountyOlympia 98513 WA Thurston County
Washington 20037 DC District of ColumbiaWoodinville 98077 WA King CountyOlympia 98516 WA Thurston County
Fort Washington 20744 MD Prince George's CountyLynnwood 98087 WA Snohomish CountyAberdeen 98520 WA Grays Harbor County
Hagerstown 21740 MD Washington CountyAuburn 98092 WA King CountyCentralia 98531 WA Lewis County
Bristol 24202 VA Washington CountySeattle 98101 WA King CountyChehalis 98532 WA Lewis County
Abingdon 24210 VA Washington CountySeattle 98102 WA King CountyElma 98541 WA Grays Harbor County
Washington 27889 NC Beaufort CountySeattle 98103 WA King CountyHoquiam 98550 WA Grays Harbor County
Chipley 32428 FL Washington CountySeattle 98104 WA King CountyRochester 98579 WA Thurston County
Johnson City 37601 TN Washington CountySeattle 98105 WA King CountyRoy 98580 WA Pierce County
Johnson City 37615 TN Washington CountySeattle 98106 WA King CountyShelton 98584 WA Mason County
Jonesborough 37659 TN Washington CountySeattle 98107 WA King CountyYelm 98597 WA Thurston County
Washington Court House 43160 OH Fayette CountySeattle 98108 WA King CountyBattle Ground 98604 WA Clark County
Marietta 45750 OH Washington CountySeattle 98109 WA King CountyCamas 98607 WA Clark County
Salem 47167 IN Washington CountyBainbridge Island 98110 WA Kitsap CountyKelso 98626 WA Cowlitz County
Washington 47501 IN Daviess CountySeattle 98112 WA King CountyLongview 98632 WA Cowlitz County
Washington 48094 MI Macomb CountySeattle 98115 WA King CountyRidgefield 98642 WA Clark County
Germantown 53022 WI Washington CountySeattle 98116 WA King CountyVancouver 98660 WA Clark County
Hartford 53027 WI Washington CountySeattle 98117 WA King CountyVancouver 98661 WA Clark County
Port Washington 53074 WI Ozaukee CountySeattle 98118 WA King CountyVancouver 98662 WA Clark County
West Bend 53090 WI Washington CountySeattle 98119 WA King CountyVancouver 98663 WA Clark County
West Bend 53095 WI Washington CountySeattle 98121 WA King CountyVancouver 98664 WA Clark County
Cottage Grove 55016 MN Washington CountySeattle 98122 WA King CountyVancouver 98665 WA Clark County
Forest Lake 55025 MN Washington CountySeattle 98125 WA King CountyWashougal 98671 WA Clark County
Hugo 55038 MN Washington CountySeattle 98126 WA King CountyWoodland 98674 WA Clark County
Stillwater 55082 MN Washington CountySeattle 98133 WA King CountyVancouver 98682 WA Clark County
Saint Paul 55125 MN Washington CountySeattle 98136 WA King CountyVancouver 98683 WA Clark County
Saint Paul 55128 MN Washington CountySeattle 98144 WA King CountyVancouver 98684 WA Clark County
Saint Paul 55129 MN Washington CountySeattle 98146 WA King CountyVancouver 98685 WA Clark County
Washington 61571 IL Tazewell CountySeattle 98148 WA King CountyVancouver 98686 WA Clark County
Washington 63090 MO Franklin CountySeattle 98155 WA King CountyWenatchee 98801 WA Chelan County
Bogalusa 70427 LA Washington ParishSeattle 98166 WA King CountyMoses Lake 98837 WA Grant County
Franklinton 70438 LA Washington ParishSeattle 98168 WA King CountyQuincy 98848 WA Grant County
Fayetteville 72701 AR Washington CountySeattle 98177 WA King CountyYakima 98901 WA Yakima County
Fayetteville 72703 AR Washington CountySeattle 98178 WA King CountyYakima 98902 WA Yakima County
Fayetteville 72704 AR Washington CountySeattle 98198 WA King CountyYakima 98903 WA Yakima County
Springdale 72762 AR Washington CountySeattle 98199 WA King CountyEllensburg 98926 WA Kittitas County
Springdale 72764 AR Washington CountyEverett 98201 WA Snohomish CountyGrandview 98930 WA Yakima County
Bartlesville 74006 OK Washington CountyEverett 98203 WA Snohomish CountySunnyside 98944 WA Yakima County
Brenham 77833 TX Washington CountyEverett 98204 WA Snohomish CountyWapato 98951 WA Yakima County
Hurricane 84737 UT Washington CountyEverett 98208 WA Snohomish CountyCheney 99004 WA Spokane County
Washington 84780 UT Washington CountyAnacortes 98221 WA Skagit CountyDeer Park 99006 WA Spokane County
Saint George 84790 UT Washington CountyBellingham 98225 WA Whatcom CountyGreenacres 99016 WA Spokane County
Beaverton 97005 OR Washington CountyBellingham 98226 WA Whatcom CountyColville 99114 WA Stevens County
Beaverton 97006 OR Washington CountyBellingham 98229 WA Whatcom CountySpokane 99201 WA Spokane County
Beaverton 97007 OR Washington CountyBlaine 98230 WA Whatcom CountySpokane 99202 WA Spokane County
Beaverton 97008 OR Washington CountyFerndale 98248 WA Whatcom CountySpokane 99203 WA Spokane County
Tualatin 97062 OR Washington CountyLake Stevens 98258 WA Snohomish CountySpokane 99205 WA Spokane County
Cornelius 97113 OR Washington CountyLynden 98264 WA Whatcom CountySpokane 99206 WA Spokane County
Forest Grove 97116 OR Washington CountyMarysville 98270 WA Snohomish CountySpokane 99207 WA Spokane County
Hillsboro 97123 OR Washington CountyMarysville 98271 WA Snohomish CountySpokane 99208 WA Spokane County
Hillsboro 97124 OR Washington CountyMonroe 98272 WA Snohomish CountySpokane 99212 WA Spokane County
Sherwood 97140 OR Washington CountyMount Vernon 98273 WA Skagit CountySpokane 99216 WA Spokane County
Portland 97223 OR Washington CountyMount Vernon 98274 WA Skagit CountySpokane 99217 WA Spokane County
Portland 97224 OR Washington CountyCamano Island 98282 WA Island CountySpokane 99218 WA Spokane County
Portland 97225 OR Washington CountySnohomish 98290 WA Snohomish CountySpokane 99223 WA Spokane County
Portland 97229 OR Washington CountyStanwood 98292 WA Snohomish CountySpokane 99224 WA Spokane County
Auburn 98001 WA King CountyBremerton 98310 WA Kitsap CountyPasco 99301 WA Franklin County
Auburn 98002 WA King CountyBremerton 98311 WA Kitsap CountyKennewick 99336 WA Benton County
Federal Way 98003 WA King CountyBuckley 98321 WA Pierce CountyKennewick 99337 WA Benton County
Bellevue 98004 WA King CountyEatonville 98328 WA Pierce CountyKennewick 99338 WA Benton County
Bellevue 98005 WA King CountyGig Harbor 98329 WA Pierce CountyProsser 99350 WA Benton County
Bellevue 98006 WA King CountyGig Harbor 98332 WA Pierce CountyRichland 99352 WA Benton County
Bellevue 98007 WA King CountyGig Harbor 98335 WA Pierce CountyWest Richland 99353 WA Benton County
Bellevue 98008 WA King CountyGraham 98338 WA Pierce CountyRichland 99354 WA Benton County
Bothell 98011 WA King CountyOrting 98360 WA Pierce CountyClarkston 99403 WA Asotin County
Bothell 98012 WA Snohomish CountyPort Angeles 98362 WA Clallam County
Duvall 98019 WA King CountyPort Orchard 98366 WA Kitsap County
Port Orchard 98367 WA Kitsap County